Submit Your Artwork

Once you have donated for your custom Flag, Billboard or both, you need to submit your design to Nexiss so that it can be uploaded to the server.

The image needs to be scalable to the dimensions of 512 x 256 pixels, preferably as a jpg or png image format.

Once Nexiss has recieved your art work it will be uploaded to the server within 24 - 48 hrs.

Once uploaded to the server, Flag implimentation will happen automatically via the database. For billboards an admin will meet you at your base when you are online so that you can indicate exactly where you would like your billboard placed.

When you submit your art work it MUST be attached to the email inside a zip file, you MUST include a note with the following

  1. In-Game Name
  2. Territory Name
  3. Paypal Transaction Number
  4. Date you Donated

If you do not include the above information with your submission it may delay processing!


IMPORTANT: The link below is an automated email address with auto forwarding implimented, it cannot be used for any other form of contact except Flag & Billboard artwork submissions.


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