About Our Server

Our server is highly customized and heavily moddified giving our players a highly enriched open world environment, thousands of hours of coding and testing have gone into the server over the last Three years to make it a truly unique server, we are confident you will not find another server that comes close to what our server has to offer the Arma3 Exile player.

We are constantly striving to keep the gaming experience fresh and exciting, and are constantly adding new content to the environment, one way we are able to do this is via our own server mod, which is developed and maintained in house allowing us full control of what we can add to the server.

We also use in house adapted Exile community scripts and addons, as well as privately comminsioned scripts and addons that are unique to our server.

Below is a list of Scripts, Mod's and Addons that we use on the server.

The Mods We Run

@Exile, @wilderness Bits and Bobs, @HAP, @FMP, @CDAH Workshop, @Dual Arms - Two Primary Weapons, @RwG Addon Mosquito Series, @RHSUSAF, @Arma Enhanced Movement, @Advanced Rapelling, @Advanced Urban Rapelling, @Fox Survival Cars, @Advanced Sling Loading.

For more information about setting up mods on your computer to play on our server, please visit the connecting page, you can see what each mod does by hovering your mouse over them.

Server Addons

DMS Mission system (Static & Dynamic), DMS Occupation, A3XAI, A3-VEMF Reloaded, Black Eagles Revisted Mission System, Bigfoot Shipwrecks, Enigma Revive.

Commisioned Server Scripts

Build Vectors, Enhanced Trader Interface, Custom Paint Vehicles and Base Parts, infiSTAR XM8 Extra Apps System, along with an In house Custom crafting system that is unique to our server.

Exile Community Server Scripts

Announce Pay, Claim Server Vehicles, Custom Stats Bar, Advanced Vehicle System, Tanoa Bridges, Advanced Vehicle Repair, Vehicle Re-arm & Refuel, Vehicle Service Points, Server Rewards System, Build Height Limits, Sell Crates at Waste Dump, Fishing from Boats, Bomb Vest, Carry and Load Crates (R3F Logistics), Respect Tax, Vehicle Part Salvage, Persistant Tree Logging, UAV Hacking, Christmas Present Loot Drops (December only), MarXet Player Market Place, Server Info, Extra Custom Traders, Vehicle Crafting, Change Vehicle Plates.

XM8 Apps

Deploy Mozzie, Deploy Boat, Deploy Crate, Unit Scanner, Player Private Messaging, View Distance, Vehicle HP Bars, Crafting Cookbook, Remote CCTV.

Last Updated: February 10, 2019
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