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Wilderness Teamspeak Rules

Here you will find the rules for our Teamspeak Server
Our rules are subject to change and revision, you will be notified if and when our rules are revised, the number of rules we have is directly proportional to how players abuse the Teamspeak server or other users, so if you don't want lots of rules (we don't) please be nice.

Please read carefully through the rules, and adhere to them, if everyone adhere's to the rules there should be no problems and everyone gets to have a great time.

If your not sure about a rule just ask, nobody is going to mind.
  1. No Recording or anything that violates the privacy rules (Recording is allowed when everyone agrees.)

  2. No mute abuse.

  3. Respect the admins and members!

  4. Do not copy names. For example: Black Wolf 1, Blackwolf 2, etc.

  5. It's helpful if your name is the same as your in-game name.

  6. Do not spam. (Channel hopping is also spam!)

  7. Voice convertors are not allowed.

  8. If you have a problem or issue with another user DO NOT let the situation esculate, come and have a quiet chat with an admin and we'll help you resolve the situation. Taking matters into your own hands may result in yourself earning a ban.

  9. This page does not cover all the rules; only the basic ones.

  10. If an admin finds unfitting behaviour he / she will moderate it accordingly.

  11. No racism, racism will provide you an instant perm ban.

  12. No verbal abuse to anyone.

  13. Keep the swearing and bad language to a minimum, preferably none at all (we don't want to hearing "F" words making up a large proportion of a sentence)

  14. No pornographic / explicit content (applies to but not limited to avatars & files on file transfer)

This website, it's design and contents are the property of wilderness servers and are protected by copyright laws, you may not use, redistribute or copy any part of this website or it's contents without the express written permission of the owners.