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Wilderness Forum Rules

Here you will find the rules for our Forum
Our rules are subject to change and revision, you will be notified if and when our rules are revised, the number of rules we have is directly proportional to how players abuse the forum server or other users, so if you don't want lots of rules (we don't) please be nice.

Please read carefully through the rules, and adhere to them, if everyone adhere's to the rules there should be no problems and everyone gets to have a great time.

If your not sure about a rule just ask, nobody is going to mind.

Signing up for a Forum Account

From the 01.01.18 could all new forum account applicants please private message us on our facebook page, letting us know that you have signed up for an account, supplying your email address and user name used for the forum account, we can then activate your account for you, alternatively you can contact us in team speak (even if you don't have a mic you can type to us ;) ).

I know this is a bit awkward but the forum has been so heavily spammed lately with some very unsavoury content that we now have to regulate who has an account on it.

If you don't tell us you have created an account and supply credentials your account will NOT get activated and will just be deleted.

Facebook Page: www.facebook.com/wildernessonetwo/
TeamSpeak: ts.wilderness-servers.co.uk
  1. Search before you post - In our boards there might already be what you are looking for. Please avoid double posts and use the search bar first. If you can't find a solution, please post a new thread in the corresponding section. Do not cross post your question to several threads.

  2. Dealing with others - Please be nice on the boards. Always deal with other people as you want to be treaded. There is no need for insulting people or being rude. No naming and shaming on the forum.

  3. Usernames and accounts - Your username should not lead to people into thinking you are an admin or forum moderator, also it should not contain links and advertisement. Racist or inappropriate names and / or bad / offensive language, this will not be tolerated.

  4. You should only have one account. - Multiple accounts are a violation of our rules. Registering with links in your nickname is forbidden.

  5. Your user name should be the same as your in-game name ideally

  6. Spam / Hacks / Glitches / Exploit / Copyright violation - All related posts will be deleted without any warning and lead to ban from the boards. If you feel you found a security issue, exploit or glitch on one of the servers: Please message one of the moderators or admins. We will handle this in the appropriate manor. Information of how to cheat in the servers should never be published publicly. If we feel it is of benefit to the community we will open a thread advising everyone.

  7. Sharing of copyright - protected content will also lead to a ban without any warning. Respect other peoples work.

  8. Post format and language - All posts should be written in English so everybody can follow the thread. The only area for non-English posts are "Small Talk".

  9. Please keep your posts structured and well formatted -There is no need to post in font size 60p with 10 different colours.

  10. Help us to keep the board clean - If you find any thread which is a violation of our rules: Report it to a moderator.

  11. Signature Keep your signature readable - Avoid unnecessary information and keep it small (10 lines max)

  12. Enjoy - Finally enjoy the forum, use it well and make use of it, it's here for the benefit of our growing community.

  13. You will need to sign up to the forum to enjoy it's full benefits.

This website, it's design and contents are the property of wilderness servers and are protected by copyright laws, you may not use, redistribute or copy any part of this website or it's contents without the express written permission of the owners.