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Server One General Information

Here you will find general information relating to Wilderness One that dosen't fit anywhere else on our website.
Exile Updates

VERY IMPORTANT - if ever the A3 Launcher wants to update or validate Exile DO NOT update or validate it until we have confirmed that the server has been updated to the latest version of Exile, if you do update before we update the server you won't be able to join the server until we have updated it, at present there is no known way to roll back versions via the A3 Launcher once you have updated!

Wilderness One Enhanced Movement
  1. Join the server.
  2. In-game press "ESC".
  3. from the menu on the bottom right of the screen double click the actions option and bind the actions to the required custom controls (this is your preference but we suggest NOT using custom control one as this is the Exile lock / unlock custom command).
  4. go into the control options for Arma3 and bind your keys to the required custom commands that you just bound the enhanced movement actions to.
  5. OK everything and you should be good to go.

What I have done is put my Climb up / onto action onto custom command 10, then bound my "v" key to custom command 10 and it works a treat.

Note as default the climb up / onto command is on custom command one, which is why I moved mine to command ten as one is the pre-set Exile lock / unlock command.

Hope this helps you guys out, any problems or issues setting this up, jump onto Teamseak in the evening and we'll try and help you out setting up.

Wilderness One Vehicles
  1. If you find an unlocked vehicle which does not have the lock option on the scroll wheel, the chances are that it is a server spawned vehicle, server spawned vehicles despawn on server restart.
  2. You can claim a server spawned vehicle (make it persistant over restarts) with a codelock, these are available from missions, as loot, or from traders.
  3. Claimed or purchased vehicles have a life span of 7 days on the server if NOT stored in the virtual garage if they are not used or accessed!
Wilderness One Virtual Garage
  1. You need to have a flag pole to access the Virtual Garage.
  2. The number of vehicles you can store is dependent on what level your flag is.
  3. You access the Virtual Garage with the in-game XM8, Press "6" on your keyboard, and switch it on at the bottom of the tablet.
  4. Press the "more" icon, then select the "VG" icon.
  5. Any vehicle within your territory radius can be put into your Virtual Garage (need to get in drivers seat first).
  6. You can only add and remove vehicles from the Virtual Garage whilst you are in your territory.
  7. Taking vehicles out of the Virtual Garage is the reverse of storing them.
  8. You may keep upto four vehicles on the map at any one time, the rest of your vehicles MUST be stored in the Virtual Garage.
  9. Any loot in your vehicle will be destroyed when the vehicle is put into the Virtual Garage (you have been warned)!
  10. We had to impliment the Virtual Garage because players we're hording vehicles and causing server issues.
  11. If you have more vehicles than storage in the Virtual Garage, you need to sell some vehicles!
  12. Any vehicles not in the Virtual Garage that are not accessed within 7 days are deleted by the server! (vehcles have to be used within 7 days if not stored, you have been warned)
Wilderness One Deploy Bike
  1. You can deploy a bike via the in-game XM8.
  2. Go to the "more" icon then click deploy bike.
  3. You MUST have a roll of Duct Tape in your gear.
  4. To put the bike away use your scroll wheel and select "scrap" you will get your Duct Tape back.
Locked Server One

Sometimes when you try to join Wilderness One, you may find that it is appearing as "Locked"!

This is normal behaviour, the server automatically locks two minutes before a restart to prevent players joining, and will stay locked for upto five minutes after the restart has occured, this is to allow enough time for the server to be ready to accept players, this prevents loss of gear and other unforeseen issues.

Wilderness One XM8 Mobile App
  1. If you have a mobile device running Android 5.0 or later you can run the XM8 mobile app, (it will not run on any Android version lower than 5.0).
  2. Go to Google Play Store and search "Exile XM8".
  3. Download and install it to your mobile device.
  4. Once installed on your mobile device go into game on the Willderness One server.
  5. Once logged into the server open up your in-game XM8 by pressing number "6" on your keyboard, then switch it on (bottom centre).
  6. Select the XM8 app icon and note down the four digit code it gives to you.
  7. Goto the XM8 app on your mobile device.
  8. Select "add server".
  9. Enter the code that the server XM8 gave to you.
  10. Thats it, you should now see Wilderness One in your server list on your mobile device.
  11. You will be notified when your protection money is due, when it's been paid, you will be able to recieve messages we send and more features will be coming in the future, so we have been told by the developers.
  12. Alternatively, you can get the four digit server code from the in-game server info on your scroll wheel.
  13. Or just enter: A4FK
New Server One is now LIVE

It is with great pleasure that we announce Wilderness One officially open.

The server is now live and you can find it on the A3 Launcher by searching for "Wilderness" or at the following address: Port: 2302

Remember guys and girls its a PVP server, which basically means you can shoot other players, and raid bases, just don't be a dick about it, and don't keep harassing the same person.

I just want to stress from the start that if we get complaints of bullying or see bullying / harassment going on towards any players there is a zero tolerance policy on bullying, which will generally lead to a temp ban, which will lead to a permanent ban, we don't mind banter and such like but no harassing or bullying.

Also the server is up for a three month trial period, if in three months its not getting the required donations to cover the cost of the server space, it will be shutdown, we are not going to get into the situation where server two financially props up server one, so the long and short of it is, if you want to keep server one, we need donations for it.

Ok that's enough of the heavy stuff, enjoy, I know I will be going in there from time to time to vent and blow off some steam.

New Server One

As our old long term players will know, Server One was shutdown many moons ago, this was due to an unbelievable amount of problems with the new Epoch 1.0.6 build for arma 2, falling player numbers, and lack of donations, it simply wasn't worth investing the time and effort, to get it running properly for such low player numbers.

We are now in a position to run an Arma3 Exile server in PVP format on the Malden Map, the plan is to get the final testing done on the test server over the next week or so, if all goes well we will put it out there as a live public server.

We will initially be running it for a three month trial, if it does well and we recieve enough in the way of donations and interest to sustain it, we will keep it running for as long as players want it.

It will be starting as a 30 or 40 slot server with a view of increasing the number of slots as demand for the server rises.

The new server will be called "Wilderness One"

please keep an eye on the website for more information as it becomes available.

This website, it's design and contents are the property of wilderness servers and are protected by copyright laws, you may not use, redistribute or copy any part of this website or it's contents without the express written permission of the owners.