Wilderness Server Mod Import List

Here you will find the download for the HTML list, to auto import the mods required to play on Wilderness Two to your Arma3 game

  1. Download the file below.
  2. Once downloaded, open the zip file and copy the "Current Wilderness Two Mod list.html" to your desktop or other memerable location.
  3. Launch Arma3 via steam, NOT the A3 Launcher!
  4. Click on the MODS tab.
  5. Press the down arrow that says "more".
  6. From the dropdown list select "Import list of mods from file".
  7. Browse to the "Current Wilderness Two Mod list.html" that you placed on your desktop.
  8. Your game will now subscribe to all the required mods to play on Wilderness Two Tanoa.
Server Mod Import List Last Updated: 10.02.19 - Current Server Mod List
Hi-Resolution No Build Zones Map

Here you can download the latest HI-Res map of our server no build zones.

Hi-Resolution No Build Zones Map Last Updated: 24.09.18 @15:00 - Current server No build Zones.
Wilderness Server Mission Files

Here you will find downloads of the current server mission files.

It is a known issue with Arma3 and Exile that if the client (your PC) has to download a new server mission file due to changes on the server, it can crash the client giving you the dreaded memory error (memory access violation), this is due to a sloppy coding issue and we as server owners cannot do anything about it.

However what we have found is that if you manually update the mission file yourself it massively reduces the chance of the memory error occuring, so we are hosting our server mision files on our website for you to download.

  1. Download the latest mission file from below
  2. Shutdown Steam, Arma3 and or A3 Launcher (if you don't the new mission file will not take effect)
  3. Once downloaded, place the contents inside the zip file you downloaded which is: (Exile.Tanoa.pbo) into the following location on your pc overwritting the one that is already there.
  4. C:\Users\WHATEVER YOUR DOCUMENTS FOLDER IS CALLED\AppData\Local\Arma 3\MPMissionsCache
  5. NOTE:- the AppData folder is a hidden folder so you will have to change your folder options to show hidden files and folders to be able to see it.
  6. Start Steam, Arma3 or A3 Launcher and join the server
Live Server Mission File Last Updated: 29.04.19 @23:30 - Arma 3 1.92 Update.
Test Server Mission File Last Updated: 29.11.18 @11:00 - A few small tweaks.
Traders V2.0 Last Updated:03.04.19 @ 15:00
@wilderness Server Mod

Here you will find the download for the Wilderness Server Mod.

Whilst you can download our mod from here with no issues, we do advise everyone to subscribe to the mod in the steam workshop, this will ensure that your version of the mod will update as soon as we push a new version of the mod to the workshop.

Worshop Link: HERE

  1. Download the server mod below.
  2. Shutdown Steam, Arma3 and or A3 Launcher (if you don't your game will not detect the new or updated mod).
  3. Once downloaded, open the zip file and copy the "@wilderness" folder to the location below.
  4. C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam Games\steamapps\common\Arma 3
  5. It may be entirely possible that you may have installed steam and Arma3 to a non standard location which will be different to that described above, if that is the case you will need to put the mod in your custom location.
  6. Start Steam and Arma3 and activate the mod in the usual mannor, via the "mods" tab.
  7. The above method will only work if you are NOT using the A3 Launcher from Macca, if you are it will want you to subscribe to the mod.
  8. The Beta version of our mod should only be downloaded and used if you are participating in testing on the test server.
Wilderness Server Mod Last Updated: 12.03.18 @19:00 - Updated to V0.1.9a Hotfix
Wilderness Server Mod Updated Beta Version Last Updated: 11.04.19 @17:00 - V0.2.0 Beta
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