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Donate to Help with Server Two Running Costs

Here you can make a donation to help us with server two running costs if you so wish.

We have had several requests for a page where players can make a donation for the amount of their choosing, you can do exactly that on this page.

Unfortunately Bohemia interactive's monetization rules are very strict, we can take donations providing we give nothing in return, for as much as we would love to give you guys something in return for your donation as a sign of our gratitude, Bohemia prevent us from doing so with their monetization rules, we could go as an approved monetiezed server but to be honest there is nothing they allow us to give to you that is of any use in game, for the grief and aggravation that we would have to put up with from them it's just not worth doing!

We hope you all understand that our hands are tied on this one.

We have to be honest if it wasn't for the donations that we recieve the server simply would not survive, all donations that we recieve are put back into the servers for the live server rental, development and improvements of the server, paid for mods etc, TeamSpeak and web space, it all costs money, and we are eternally grateful to everyone who donates to help keep the server running.

Any donations made to us via this page will be used for server two running costs only.


Monthly Donation Targets for Server Two

Thank you very much to everyone who donated.


One Off Donations
Clicking the link below will take you to a Paypal page where you can set the amount you would Like to donate to server two:
Monthly Donations

You can set up a monthly donation to server two here if you want to.

The amount you specify is taken from your paypal account on a monthly basis:

Monthly Amount
In-Game Name
You may cancel your monthly donation at any time via your paypal account.
Terms and Conditions

Please be sure that you understand that you are making a donation towards the running costs of our servers, your donation is non refundable, if you set up a monthly donation you may cancel at any time, uninterupted service of the Wilderness servers cannot be gauranteed and the servers may go down for short periods of time due to host or server maintainance and server updates, where ever possible we will notify you of such circumstances either via this website or our facebook page..

This website, it's design and contents are the property of wilderness servers and are protected by copyright laws, you may not use, redistribute or copy any part of this website or it's contents without the express written permission of the owners.