Monthly Target - £50.00 Recieved During April 2019 - £10.00
There can be up to a 12 hour delay before this display updates due to paypal processing, please see the donate pages for more information about server donations.
Donate to Help Keep the Server Running

Here you can make a donation to help us with server running costs if you so wish.

We have had several requests for a page where players can make a donation for the amount of their choosing, you can do exactly that on this page.

We have to be honest if it wasn't for the donations that we recieve the server simply would not survive, all donations that we recieve are put back into the servers for the live server rental, development and improvements of the server, paid for mods etc, TeamSpeak and web space, it all costs money, and we are eternally grateful to everyone who donates to help keep the server running.

Any donations made to us via this page will be used for the server rental, teamspeak and website hosting etc.

2019 Donors
DS donated 08.01.19, Thank you - Monke64d donated 16.01.19, Thank you - Jethro donated 17.01.19, Thank you - Monke64d donated 16.02.19, Thank you - Jethro donated 17.02.19, Thank you -
Hunter21 donated 04.03.19, Thank you - Mike donated 11.03.19, Thank you - Monke64d donated 16.03.19, Thank you - Jethro donated 17.03.19, Thank you - Mike donated 11.04.19, Thank you
2018 Donors
DARTH VADER donated 13.01.18, Thank you - Mike donated 16.01.18, Thank you - Jethro donated 17.01.18, Thank you - Mr Moriarty donated 23.01.18, Thank you - scheve120 donated 24.01.18, Thank you -
Nexiss donated 24.01.18, Thank you - DARTH VADER donated 13.02.18, Thank you - Aps donated 15.02.18, Thank you - Mike donated 16.02.18, Thank you - Jethro donated 17.02.18, Thank you -
The Pope donated 19.02.18, Thank you - Mr Moriarty donated 23.02.18, Thank you - scheve120 donated 24.02.18, Thank you - Chazman donated 13.03.18, Thank you - Mike donated 16.03.18, Thank you -
Monke64d donated 16.03.18, Thank you - Jethro donated 17.03.18, Thank you - Mr Moriarty donated 23.03.18, Thank you - scheve120 donated 24.03.18, Thank you - Monke64d donated 16.04.18, Thank you -
Mike donated 16.04.18, Thank you - Jethro donated 17.04.18, Thank you - Mr Moriarty donated 23.04.18, Thank you - scheve120 donated 24.04.18, Thank you - in_ln donated 04.05.18, Thank you -
manu donated 05.05.18, Thank you - Mike donated 16.05.18, Thank you - Monke64d donated 16.05.18, Thank you - Jethro donated 17.05.18, Thank you - scheve120 donated 24.05.18, Thank you -
Mike donated 16.06.18, Thank you - Monke64d donated 16.06.18, Thank you - Jethro donated 17.06.18, Thank you - Bushmills donated 19.06.18, Thank you - Nickachief donated 23.06.18, Thank you - Monke64d donated 16.07.18, Thank you - Mike donated 16.07.18, Thank you - Mike donated 16.08.18, Thank you - Monke64d donated 16.08.18, Thank you - Jethro donated 17.08.18, Thank you
- Monke64d donated 16.09.18, Thank you - Jethro donated 17.09.18, Thank you - Wile E. Coyote donated 03.10.18, Thank you - Monke64d donated 16.10.18, Thank you - Jethro donated 17.10.18, Thank you
Nexiss donated 17.10.18, Thank you - A Wright donated 24.10.18, Thank you - M.K donated 25.10.18, Thank you - Hunter21 donated 26.10.18, Thank you - Nevarski donated 01.11.18, Thank you -
HOREM HEB donated 03.11.18, Thank you - Monke64d donated 16.11.18, Thank you - Jethro donated 17.11.18, Thank you - Nevarski donated 03.12.18, Thank you - Hunter21 donated 09.12.18, Thank you -
Monke64d donated 16.12.18, Thank you - Jethro donated 17.12.18, Thank you - Chazman donated 22.12.18, Thank you
One Off Donations

Here you make a one off donation for the amount you wish by clicking the donate button below

Monthly Donations

Here you can set up an automatic monthly donation to us if you wish, you can set an amount of your choosing, which will be automatically taken from your paypal account on a monthly basis, you are free to cancel this at any time from your Paypal account.

Monthly Amount
In-Game Name

Terms and Conditions

Please be sure that you understand that you are making a donation towards the running costs of our servers, your donation is non refundable, if you set up a monthly donation you may cancel at any time, uninterupted service of the Wilderness servers cannot be gauranteed and the servers may go down for short periods of time due to host or server maintainance and server updates, where ever possible we will notify you of such circumstances either via this website or our facebook page.

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