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Connecting to Test Server 2

Here you will find instructions on how to perform a direct connect to test server two, becasue the test server has not been submitted to the launchers the 
proceedure outlined below must be used.
please be sure to read carefully through the connection instructions for the server.
Test Server Two

To join the test server you must have a legitimately purchased and fully updated copy of Arma3, and the following paid DLC: APEX.

Laws of War, Karts, Helis, Marksmen and jets are optional, if you have them, the server supports them. you will also need the following free mods listed below installed aswell, they are all available via the A3 Launcher and / or Steam:




@Advanced Urban Rappelling

@CDAH Mod Pack

@Arma Enhanced Movement

@wilderness bits and bobs

@Ryans Zombies & Demons

You can also install the following mod if you wish to further enhance your experience, though not having it installed will not prevent you getting onto the server:

@Advanced Rapelling

Getting Started
Launch Arma3 via steam NOT the A3 Launcher
Once launched you will see the Arma3 dashboard as pictured below:
Select the "MODS" tab.
Put a tick in the box next to the mods required to connect to the server, see picture above, they are as follows:
You can also download the mods auto import list from HERE to make life much easier for you.


2. HAP

3. FMP

4. Extended Base Mod

5. Advanced Urban Rappelling



7. CDAH Mod Pack

8. Arma Enhanced Movement

9. wilderness bits and bobs

10. Advanced Rapelling - optional

1. Once you have completed the above steps, click the "Servers" buttion as shown below:
2. Click the "Direct Connect" button so that you get the screen as shown below:
3. In the "server name or address" box highlighted above enter the IP address, in the case of Test Server Two it's:
4. In the "Port" box highlighted above enter the port number, for Test Server Two it's: 2402
5. Click the "CONNECT" button and you should now connect to Test Server Two

IMPORTANT - You will only be able to connect to the test servers if they are actually switched on, and you are running the same mod versions as the server, the server will normally be running the most up to date version of the mods.

The test servers only have 5 - 10 player slots, so testing is on a first come first served basis.

We will publish running times for the test servers on our Facebook page and in the forum for anyone who wishes to participate in testing.

Connection Problems

If you do have problems joining the server there are a few things that we recommend that you try:

Battle Eye is the biggest headache for anyone playing Arma2 or 3, sometimes it can stop you connecting to a server for no particular reason, we've seen it time and time again where a corrupt Battle Eye can stuff up an evenings gaming, and the best part is it can go corrupt for absolutely no reason at all! One solution is to completely remove Battle Eye and let it reinstall when you re-launch Arma3.

You can try validating your Arma3 installation via Steam.

Try deleting your MPMission Cache file to force your client into downloading the latest server mission file.

As a last resort you can try uninstalling your Arma3, and all your mods, then re-downloading it through Steam, let it install again, and then reinstall your mods.

There are also other factors to consider, don't use a wireless connection for online gaming, and make sure you have at least a reasonable internet connection with a fairly good speed (no watching streaming video's while trying to play Arma online!) sounds daft but we've seen people try it, Arma3 transfers at least two to three times more data than Arma2 during online gaming!

Be sure that your PC hardware is up to the job and meets at least the minimum specs required for Arma3 and Exile.

Last but not least ensure that the test servers are actually switched on!!

This website, it's design and contents are the property of wilderness servers and are protected by copyright laws, you may not use, redistribute or copy any part of this website or it's contents without the express written permission of the owners.