About Us

We are a community of Exile game players, some of us have known each other for many years from our time on other Dayz / Epoch servers, and some of us have owned and run successful servers in the past, sadly most of those old servers have been shut down for one reason or another, this left a gaping hole in our gaming lives so we got together and started up our own server, the result was the original Wilderness One Overpoch server on Chenaurus in PVE format which was our playground for many months.

It wasn't long until we started up a second server called "Wilderness Two" this server was a bit different in that it was running Exile for Arma3 in PVE format, to this day Wilderness Two has been very successful with a continuously growing community, it is in constant development with the latest mods we can get our hands on, we've had mods and scripts custom coded for it, and even have build vectors for Exile running on it.

As the player numbers increased, the old server one just wasn't up to the job, not to mention hosting issues, so we took the decision to rebuild the server from the ground up, and switch over to the same host as our number two server, in the rebuild process we took a vote from our community and it was decided to switch over to the NAPF map, we had most of the major mission systems and building tools implemented, not to mention a single currency system with global banking, we decided not to go over the top with the server mods because we are eagerly awaiting the new 1.0.6 Epoch update. Unfortunately due to falling player numbers and lack of donations, we had to make the sad decision to close server one down, as we simply could not afford to keep two servers running when one was sitting empty for most of the time.

We now concentrate all our efforts of the wilderness two server, we feel that we would rather have one outstanding server that is well known in the community, than serveral just ok servers.

We have worked closely with the Exile development team in the application of the mobile XM8 messaging system on GTX hosted servers.

We have a very good working relationship with GTX hosting, and have worked closely with them after being invited to test their G2 server administration system, before it launched to public release, the idea being that we found bugs, gave feedback, and suggestions for new features or improved current features.

We have also worked quite closely with the authors of the CDAH workshop mod, with bug tracking, not to mention we have built a mod of our own that is freely available for every Exile server owner to use on their servers.

So as you can see we don't just run the servers, we play an active role in the Arma3 gaming communities.

We come from all walks of life, different back grounds, and abilities from all over the world, we are always keen to welcome new players into our close friendly community.

What are you waiting for? Come and join us in game on one of our servers; for an even better experience come and join us on TeamSpeak.

Behind the Scenes

Many of our players are interested in how we develop our servers, so here goes......

We have two test servers, these can be accessed, controlled and developed remotely from the "development machine". When the need arises we open the test servers up to the internet and ask some of our players to join us on them to try out new functions and features, the idea being that they can give us feedback and suggestions before we upload to the live servers, we have highly customised server files which is why testing is so important before going live, our community plays a large part in how we develop and improve our servers and their input is vital to our success.

It's difficult to convey just how much hard work, expense and time goes into keeping the server running, it is constantly being developed and improved to keep our players interested (hence the test servers), we also have Facebook, TeamSpeak and the website, to give our players a constant stream of information about what’s going on with our server, this ensures that everyone is as upto date as possible with our latest developments, news and ideas.

Any Arma server owner will tell you it's a mammoth amount of work, we actually enjoy it, though it can be a little stressful at times when things don't quite go to plan, like two major updates in the space of a day :-/ Just kidding we love it really.

Ultimately it's the great sense of satisfaction that comes after all the hard work to see servers full of players having a great time.

Our growing community is what makes all the hard work worth it, and there's nothing more rewarding than being able to get into the servers and play the game with our community rather than watching over them like overlords.

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